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A. Thomas wrote: I am very appreciative of your reasoned insightful writings. One of particular interest are your thoughts in the same fashion of insight and reason.

T. Ryan wrote: You have one of the sharpest minds I have ever encountered, and a knowledge base to match. I think you owe it to humanity to set people straight and therein undo the damage inflicted by a now hopelessly compromised academia and complicit public media.

J. Tuttle wrote: I read your article . . . today and was impressed by your depth of awareness. , , , You are sharing light in a dark world, and at least some of us appreciate your efforts

E. Young wrote: Promises that Cannot Be Kept" is such a beautifully concise, deadly, stiletto into the heart of free market economies everywhere. Thanks again for your brief, beautiful and brilliant, prophetic essay.

C. Crumlish wrote: Brilliant article, wonderfully written, and to the point.

J. Tuttle wrote: I read your article . . . today and was impressed by your depth of awareness. , , , You are sharing light in a dark world, and at least some of us appreciate your efforts.

mrnedb wrote: I stumbled on your wonderful rants, logical arguments and essays and will continue to read them. Keep up the damn good screaming at folly, idiocy and illogical, moronic beliefs.

Ed Young wrote: "Thank you for your insightful essay. I have always found your articles on Global Research informative and helpful. . . . I am becoming a student of yours. . . .

Michel Chossudovsky wrote: your incisive writings on philosophical issues have been a source of inspiration.

Bill Sinclair wrote: . . . interesting, informative, entertaining, colorful without superfluity and didn't waste one's time, while being easy to recall. You have a gift that will help millions.

Bernice Collura wrote: I am retired, healthy and of contented mind, and well able to tell when someone like you recognizes the truth and prints it. How refreshing your thoughts are in such a thought polluted world. You are a National Treasure, John, and we Americans need you now more than ever.

Paul Meyer MD wrote: you bring an exceedingly welcome rationality to public discourse.

Roberta Kelly wrote: Thank you as always for writing. Quite brilliant you are.

Diane Gee wrote: You rock, you seriously GET it, and are never afraid to speak honestly about it.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, editor, globalresearch.ca wrote: Thanks for your incisive contributions.

Keith Howell wrote: You're a good writer, making an excellent contribution to the sanity of America. You ask people to think, to ponder values, behaviors, personal and national trends. This is good. You're on a good path and obviously are a good man. Perhaps there is hope for America.

Diane Gee wrote: I totally appreciate being able to reprint your awesome works. You GET it, in ways so many others do not.

Jean Haines wrote: I continue to appreciate your logic, your perceptiveness, and your unswerving honesty!

Dr. Jaan Suurkula wrote: Today I looked into your website again and read some articles. What a treasury of valuable analyses!

Anthony Innes wrote: Thanks for your efforts. Those of us who cling to the idea that philosophy has relevance to our existence need people like yourself who have the discipline, skill and clarity of thought to express what we feel is the way forward. . . . I have not enjoyed anybody as much since Ii came across Crossman's "Plato Today" as a young fool!

Peter Evans wrote: your website . . . is a treasure trove of further reading.

Teresa Ginardi wrote: Your articles . . . are like a 'breath of fresh air' in this vastly polluted world. , , , First, from the standpoint of writing skill, your articles are cogent, clear, tightly focused, grammatically correct, punctuated properly, with challenging vocabulary suited to your topics. Second, the arguments you present in your work are intellectually demanding to the reader. . . .

Edwin Young wrote: You seem to be an exceptional intellect with ability for going rogue in the intellectual realm and the courage to expose the disastrous delusions that are keeping our politicians and nation on paths of self and earth destruction.

Rohan wrote: The world is grateful to have a voice like yours crying out in the wilderness.

Charles Bagnall wrote: Excellent antidotes to the poisonous fare offered in the mainstream media.

Todd Boyle wrote: Kozy is the sort of guy who can probably establish the deeper process by which civilization *does* advance. . . .

Billie Wolf wrote: I appreciate the many insights you have shared. . . . These things must be said just in case a real history of this time is ever written.

Robin wrote: [T]hanks for all the great articles. . . . I find it encouraging to note that while common sense is anything but common, one can apply simple logic to make sense, or more often nonsense of so much of the seemingly complex world around us.

Stan Watts (Canada) wrote: [Y]our insight and analysis [is] right at the top with the best for illuminating just what's really going on.

Bill Bushnell wrote: I found this brilliant article to be the best I've read about the futility of war. I hope you have sent a personal signed copy of the article to President Obama, your Senators, your Congressperson, the NY Times, Washington Post, your own newspaper, and everyone else who might actually make a difference in how the USA, the warfare state, conducts itself in the rest of this century.

Jan Gerber wrote: If we had a whole country of professors with your worldview.more kids would be in class than in humvees.

Tim Madden wrote: Thank you for helping me to better appreciate the how and why of [war's] persistence.

Milan Buehler (Austria) wrote: Your foresight must be lauded.

Tom Kellum wrote: I always enjoy your provocative, powerful insights into the hearts of those traveling the dark journey with us.

Steve wrote: Brilliant. I am impressed and glad there are a few still out there that understand the insane danger of capitalism.

Jonah Lissner wrote: I commend you on your research articles.

Joye Swain wrote: How refreshing. A university professor who actually thinks. What is this world coming to? You cut right to the center of the issue.

Guitar-Solo.com wrote: an original thinker in a time of mass blindness. Your clear sightedness is, sadly, rare in the world today. I have been re-reading my Greek history and philosophy lately and you would have done very well in the Academy.

Nathan Allonby wrote: Thank you for another powerful article.

Ram Vajpeyi (India) wrote: Thank you for your insight and your honesty.

Elifarley Cruz (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) wrote: I'm sure your work has helped many to wake up to reality, and I hope more and more people get to know your work and the work of others who are helping to enlighten us all.

David Thatcher wrote: Cogent. Incisive. Clear. Your presentation is the antithesis of what we see not just in US but global leadership and government.

Larry Gaudette wrote: an American (or should I say an USAican) who will stand up and be counted among those who are sick and tired of the bull we have to face daily.

Unidentified reader wrote: Professor Kozy cuts through the bull like few people can. He is right once again.

Rob George wrote: Your "Western Civilization is Doomed," while not too encouraging, certainly is thought provoking.  As are, I find, some of your other work.

Pauline Rigby (Australia) wrote: Thank you for your scholarship and contribution to informed debate.

Jim Laffrey wrote: I have been an admirer of your writings for nearly two years. I especially appreciate your approach to economics.

Glenda Bowen wrote: I just wanted to tell you that was a beautiful written article and you only confirm in what I have believed for such a long time. Thank you.

Ray (welderguy) wrote: I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your articles. Thank You for telling it like it is. I know my words aren't much, but I just want you to know that what you do is appreciated by many. Keep up the good work John, I wish you happiness and good health for years to come. Thank You.

Mike Ansari wrote: This is a great site.

Craig Moodie wrote: I have just read your recent article on 'globalresearch' [The Disintegration of Fractured Democracies] and I have to say it is probably the most accurate assessment of the true cause of humanities current predicament.

Surviving Capitalism Blogspot wrote: The author cuts through the mystique of the US Supreme Court to reveal the rule of law for what, in my opinion, it is in the US--a part of the elaborate stage show called the US Government which distracts us from the realities of naked class domination by the owners of an economy that is produced by the sweat and creativity of working people. The author provides some essential lessons about this institution that were likely missing from your school curricula, i.e., your educational indoctrination.

Create Real Democracy Blogspot wrote: An excellent piece revealing the subjectivity of judicial decisions...

Alan Kerns wrote: Your approach to considering issues - asking always "Does this make sense?" - is not only sound, but essential if complex issues are to be understood.

Andr Posman (Netherlands) wrote: I have the greatest respect for your articles. they send an atmosphere of deep humanism.

Bob Scheide wrote: Spent the day reading more of your work and admire your style. Thanks for your work, cheers.

Bradley Naylor wrote: I wanted to write you a brief message thanking you for your articles. In my opinion you have a very refreshing view point from which you explain many of your ideas. Your logic and reasoning are very sharp, which has helped me nurture some thoughts and even sprout man more. I have only begun to read your archives.

Dr. Jaan Suurkula (Latvia) wrote: Thank you for your article "Can America be Fixed?". It was excellent - I have also greatly enjoyed your other articles at Global Research, including that revealing that Krugmans models are in reality pseudomodels - which was very useful to me.

Elaine wrote: I just read the article, "Global Crisis" off of Global Research & have been reading their website for around 3 yrs & to my knowledge don't think I've read any of your postings before but just went to your website & WOW there are bunches, just read like 5 of them & they are all great! Bottom line good articles, write to the point - no fluff.

Ian Campbell wrote: Your writing is a breath of fresh air during a period of human history when rational discourse has all but disappeared.

Jeff Prager wrote: Thank you. All of your writing is prescient. If only the elite had the courage to read it.

John Cameron (Australia) wrote: Most illuminating your paper on [Supply and Demand]. Logically proven quite correct.

Jorge Medrano wrote: I have read your articles in Global Research and felt compelled to express my admiration for your ideas and the courage you demonstrate by expressing them so clearly and openly.

MNVVK Chaitanya (India) wrote: Prof. John Kozy, the author has packed the entire article with interesting facts which provide valuable glimpses into the twists and turns in the economic history of several economies across the globe. All the sub sections are sprinkled with pithy sentences. Whether one agrees with all that the author says or not, the article serves as a valuable piece of economic history of several ideas that have witnessed great strides and vicissitudes in their political and economic journey.

Nathan.Allonby (England) wrote: Thank you for your article "The Constitution Never Had a Chance", and particularly for the intelligent suggestions it makes for reform.

Reviewed by Banana: A hard hitting truth behind many of the worlds so called stable issues which have been disguised with propaganda and blinded people to the truth. What message this blog and the author tries to give, is for the reader to look at a situation from a different slant, which quite often changes the way you perceive things you've known all your life to be something different. The blog is of standard layout and is full of content rich analysis,purely one for the intellectuals.

Reviewed by Chrs: This is an awesome Blog if your fan of logic and logical argument. I found it quite interesting and I will be back. It's a great diversion from all the non logical hype that can be found on the internet. It's well organized and thoughtful. Please keep up the good work. I haven't seen others like it.

Reviewed by Heather: A well informed blog with a lot of information and research has definately gone into this blog but I find it a bit difficult to navigate around different posts as most posts are quite long. If you have the time there are some great posts to read here. Good luck. I also think its a clean bare layout, but the words are powerful and full of real TRUTH about today's most important and hard to understand issues. I liked it a lot and will be back to lean more asap! Keep it up, we need more minds like yours out there to raise the whole human race to a higher level of understanding not just reacting. Great work!

Reviewed by QuantumFog: John Kozy writes an informed narrative that, for the most part, specializes in government issues. The writing skill is very good, getting the ideas across without the distracting errors of syntax, spelling or punctuation. The page is presented in a plain fashion and loads quickly; it is devoid of any bandwidth-sucking graphics. The tone is border-line depression. Somebody has to be doing some good, but compliments are rare in the fast scan of his page. John writes of the important issues we need to address in order to steer the ship of state on a proper heading. I'm glad he's there. If you need anything from me, John, I'll be in the buffet line on C deck.

Reviewed by Royal: This site's a great diversion from all the non logical hype that can be found on the internet. It's well organized and thoughtful. Please keep up the good work. Liked it a lot and will be back to lean more asap! Keep it up, we need more minds like yours out there to raise the whole human race to a higher level of understanding not just reacting. Great work!

Reviewed by Torie: Truth Only seems to tackle the recent political issues with pure logic. This is one blog that follows through in its description avoiding the propaganda and getting straight to the heart of the issue. The writing will keep the readers coming back for more.

Rita Jacobs wrote: I'm just dropping in to say hello. I'm a retired lawyer, and I read articles on the Global Research site every day. I really enjoy the articles you write. You make a lot of sense.

Robert P. wrote: Your paper makes perfect mathematical sense and logic and is so simple that I am sure that most people would not have thought of this.

Robert Sczech wrote: I just read your article "America on the Dulling Edge". Brilliant and excellent observations. I am impressed. The language is revealing: Here in America, we ask "how much do you make?", in other parts of the world they ask "how much do you earn?". As you say, this is an important distinction.

Steve Brooks wrote: Thank you for your recent article. It laid out some fundamental issues in a concise, clear fashion.

Tom Martin wrote: I find your articles to be rays of sunshine in America today, blasting through layers of bureaucratic bull-shit.

Tony Ryan (Australia) wrote: The law of supply and demand. Well I never. Bettered at my own game. I thought I had questioned pretty much everything. Now I wonder how many more beliefs need dismantling. But I am dribbling. I wrote firstly to say, well done. A genuine original thinker. How rare.