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Is Perfect Research Possible                                                               What should be done with illegal immigrants?

What Intelligence?                                                                         Advice_for_the_Tea_Party

Fools' Rules                                                                                Not All the News that's Fit to Print.htm

Leftish Professors                                                                          Aficionados of Ostentation

Intellectual Property, Software, and Piracy                                               Diane Sawyer and Ahmadinejad

Killer Country                                                                             Balderdashing Education Bashing

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest in Higher Education                                     Are Settled Class Action Suits Scams?

20-20's John Fossil (sic)                                                                    Nobel? That's No Prize

Yes We Can or No We Can't?                                                              Everywhere Arms Races

Senatorial Theater of the Absurd                                                                             Blue Dogs, Yellow Dogs, and Other Mongrels in the Kongressional Kennel

Lawmakers Bill Taxpayers For TVs, Cameras, Lexus                                                Michael Jackson Memorial Day.htm

An Open Letter to John Cornyn and the Congress                                                    ABC's Nightlie.htm

An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn and all other Members of Congress              Commenting on Comments

The United States of Entertainment                                                                         America on the Dulling Edge

A Nation of Dummies                                                                                             An End Run around the Constitution

Twiddle-twaddle from the Ca[n't]to Rumpstitute                                                      Dumb Claims that go Unquestioned

Overqualified                                                                                                       Lying about Social Security

The Unspoken Peril of Economic Globalization                                                        American Madrassas

War on the Middle Class                                                                                        A Nation of Laws

300--The Movie                                                                                                      A Rooster's Crow

A Wonderful World Indeed                                                                                    All Technical Babel Isn't Technical

Are there Really Any Reasons to Celebrate?                                                              Capping Jury Awards in Civil Cases

Do Cultural Conservatives Establish the Norm in America?                                       Insurance Reform

Employee Blogging and Fundamental Freedoms                                                       Justifying Tuition Hikes

Justifying the War in Iraq                                                                                      Lying in America

On Intelligent Design                                                                                              On the Costs of Medical Care

Privatizing Social Security                                                                                       Publicly Posting the Ten Commandments

The American Legal System                                                                                    The Real Problems with Water Conservation

USA--Christian or Not?                                                                                           Voting in Ignorance

Journalism and Wars World War II and Iraq                                                          Why the Current Proposals for Immigration Reform Won't Work

Democracy in America                                                                                             Suffering and Joy

Robber Baron of the Twenty First Century                                                               On Our National Interest

The New Tyranny                                                                                                  Corruption in American Institutions

Education and Federal Intervention                                                                         Religion and Morality

Do Historians Contribute to the Decline of Nations?                                                  America's Debt to the British for the War on Terror

Lying about Lying about Climate Change                                                                Illegal Immigration and Other Intractable Social Problems

The Quest for Human Progress                                                                               A Morality of Convenience

Will Mankind Suffer the Fate it Deserves                                                                 A Pretext for War

For the Love of Sports                                                                                            The Truth about Entitlements

The American Healthcare System-A Disaster in the Making                                       The Twenty First-Century--A World at War with Itself  

Have You Ever Wondered Why People Run for Congress                                         Morality in America

Illegal Drugs and Immigrants-Two Peas in One Pod                                                 Three Lessons in American Studies that America's Politicians Failed to Learn

Three Quotations that Epitomize America's Failings                                                  Medical Insurance-Expensive, Inadequate, and Unavailable-a Total Fraud

So now it's the National Anthem                                                                              Congressional Corruption

Dissimulation, Prevarication, and the Iranian Nuclear Question                                How to Make Solving Problems Impossible

Another Pot Calling the Kettle Black                                                                        Open Letter to the Mesquite Independent School District

So now it's the National Anthem                                                                              Solving the Problem of Identity Theft

America-Bearing the Onus of Western Civilization's Sins                                           America-A Lawless Nation of Laws

Exactly What_Does Defending our_Freedoms Mean?                                                 Intellectual Dishonesty-Bane of the American Intellect

Veterans Day-A Paradigm for How Much We Value Life                                           Uneducating American Educational Institutions

Winning the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq                                                             Hutchinson's Worry is Losing Congress

You're Right, Mr. Armey, You Stink                                                                        Christians without Christ Have Succeeded Again

Journalists Fail when Reporting on Medical Care                                                      More on Journalists Fail when Reporting on Medical Care

Studies from the Republican Study Committee                                                          The Disfunctional American Government

The Supreme Court, Strict Construction, the NRA, and Gun Control                          How the Government Cheats Ordinary Taxpayers

Conflict, Hatred, and Anger-the Price of Inequality                                                   Hurricane Damage, Shoddy Work, and the Levees of New Orleans

Tom DeLay and Scalawag Politics                                                                             One Nation Under God and In God we Trust

Propaganda and the Political Right                                                                           More on Euphemism-The Victory of Appearance over Reality

Morality and America's Morality Movement                                                               Did the American Civil War Dead Die in Vain?

Apprehending Osama bin Laden                                                                              The Baffling War on Terror

The Unrecognized Consequences of Euphemism                                                         Forked Tongues and Other American Characteristics

Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment                                                 He Says, She Says Journalism

Religion and the American Religious Right                                                                Mythical Texas Heroism-At the Founding and Today

How Not to Cure Health Care-Part 2                                                                         Trading Ketchup for a Vegetable and Food Stamps for Prescription Drugs

How Not to Cure Health Care                                                                                   Medical Savings Plans, Portable Health Insurance, and other Idiocies

Has the Constitution been Subverted?                                                                       America's Moral Decline

Are Americans a Religious People? Emphatically Yes!                                                Bill Gates-Knight in Tarnished Armor

The Use of Credit Scoring by Insurers                                                                      Promoting Democracy to Make the World Safer

Fixing Public Education                                                                                          Fixing Social Security with Social Security IRAs